In the Source Players Pt 2 episode, The Creator C (Me) explores the concept of Magic is Technology and Technology Is Magic. I open the episode with an excerpt from The Right Use of Will that covers Ignition and emotional release (03:00). I share two major pain points that my Source Players friends and I have been experiencing…being lonely (13:50) and being misunderstood (18:18). At (33:37) I recap a few key gaming points from Pt 1 and discuss the competitive “race” humanity is in. At mark (41:57) I describe Game Theory and what a Game Master is (54:47). At (1:03:09) I compare the two different types of players, two different types of magic, and two different reasons for doing magic, and why a Source Player NEVER has to perform magic or witchcraft to manifest. Next, I briefly discuss the origin of Magic Lantern and holographic projections at (1:37:14). I end this episode with Gregg Braden and his eloquent explanation of Mirror Neurons. Mirror Neurons are a brains cell that reacts both when a particular action is performed and when it is only observed.

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