SS1.1 Setting The Stage

This is the first official episode of the 1st season, entitled Setting the Stage. The Creator C (Me) opens by sharing the episode list and  inspiration behind the color coding of her magazine Earth Is A Stage (2019) which corresponds to the sleep stages and chakra system. Next I explore group psychology, social constructs, and in group/out group bias referencing the work of Edward Bernays (15:48). Next, I touch on the etymology of the word “story” and how groups reinforce subconscious scripting (27:54). The episode touches on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how some groups practice prey on society and an individual’s unmeant physical, emotional, and psychological needs (42:20). At mark (51:00) I cover the Stanford Prison Experiment, physical constructs and predictive programming. 

Part 2 covers Simulacra and Simulation, Ericksonian hypnosis, and plot structure (will be posted by 10/25)


Music: Pink Floyd, “Us and Them”