SS1.2 Genesis: The Creation Story of Clones


Originally titled “Do You Believe In God?” Genesis: The Creation Story of Clones introduces My  theory that Adam & Eve were not the first humans, but rather the first clones. I open this episode sharing how coming out as gay (20:15), and how my mother treated after coming out as gay, first made me question religion and God. Did you know there are over 4000 documented religions worldwide? I cover the spectrum of religious beliefs and biblical manuscripts guide the behavior of billions of people on Earth (30:45). There are two creation stories in Genesis, one takes place in Genesis 1, and the other in Genesis 2. I refer two these two instances of creation as ‘The Tale of Two Creators. At mark (45:57) I use multiple versions of the bible to break down the creation story in more pragmatic terms and less allegorical. Creator God #1 seems to be fairly laid back and chill lol. At mark (1:02:54) I dive into the etymology of firmament and real life examples of existing firmaments including Witley Park Nemo’s Garden, and The Eden Project. “Let Us Make Man In Our Image”. Well who is ours and us? Seems like there was more than one God present during the creation story! I explore the idea that the identity of these Gods may be obscured for a reason that doesn’t benefit humanity, and that God may not be a name but a title (1:32:39). 



Genesis: The Creation Story of Clones pt 2 opens with Genesis 2 and how Creator God #2 went about creating Adam & Eve, or man & woman, in a very different way than Creator God #1. Creator God #1 manifested with the word while Creator God #2 had to use mechanical means. Interesting! At mark (31:10) I break down how Eve was cloned through a surgical process, not magic and shed light on successful clones of mammals including sheep, monkeys, and dogs. This is not science fiction, it’s real! I explore the idea that Eve and the serpent were the real heroes of humanity, and that eating the apple is symbolic for the opening of the Pineal Gland. Why does Creator God #2 seem…evil? Why does this God curse Adam, Eve, and the serpent for his own mistakes (1:05:37). Now, about the actual name of God, what is it? And why is it such a secret? (1:39:33). Is God a name or a code? To end the episode, I share what it means to pick your God and how The All That Is came into my life (1:56:00).