SS1.3 We Were Made In His Image

Do you need sight to have vision? Welcome to Earth Is A Stage. In this episode, I dive into the Pineal Gland or the Third Eye. I open with my personal story of the first time I tried magic mushrooms…7 grams of medicinal grade Psilocybin mushrooms lol (06:11:02). Reverse engineering is my favorite method for understanding systems and how I figured out what Earth is and what the pineal gland really is (19:22:20). Did you know that the pineal gland is structured with the same homologies as the human eye? Meaning they both contain rods and cones that can pick up the visible spectrum of light and help us see in color (28:06:25). Who is writing your script? Is your world created by the narratives of society or the script you wrote? In 1955 The Family of Man was exhibited by Herbert Bayer, an Austrian and American graphic designer, art director, and architect. He proposed “while we are all one world, at the center of that world is the individual self”. The individual makes their own story (36:43:09). You can be born into a body or grab one later, it’s your avatar! How do we connect to our avatar and what does wifi really mean? Wifi is how we operate our avatars (56:13:08). Ever wonder how “miracles” happen just in the nick of time? What network are you on (1:31:29)? Meta means ‘is dead’ in Hebrew. At mark (1:51:23) I take a closer look at the technology at the forefront of the new wave of VR experience and the Matrix Unreal Engine video game. To wrap it up, I challenge the Hermetic belief that The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental. Your heart is your first brain and sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to it 2:00:30).

Music: Ab-Soul – Tree of Life