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The Creator C

“I have nothing to sell. I am an entertainer. That is to say, in the same sense that when you go to a concert and you listen to someone play Mozart, he has nothing to sell except the sound of the music. He doesn’t want to convert you to anything. He doesn’t want you to join an organization in favor of Mozart’s music as opposed to say Beethoven’s. And I approach you in the same spirit as a musician with his piano or violinist with his violin. I just want you to enjoy a point of view which I enjoy.” Alan Watts

What is Earth Is A Stage?

Game of Life Coaching for Source Players

Earth is a Stage is a lecture series dedicated to Game of Life coaching and education. Earth is a stage, Earth is a game but do you know how to play? Don’t compete, CREATE.

Game of Life Coaching is a tailored style of personal development coaching that challenges “PLAYERS” to confront their own identity conflicts created by false narratives found in Simulacra of the “GAME” called “LIFE”. Simulacra is ‘something that replaces reality with its representation’ such as logos, symbols, archetypes, and stories. 

Using scholarly and cinematic references, EIAS presents information, concepts, and theories from multiple branches of knowledge that include business, psychology, metaphysics to help you understand and navigate the Simulacra of society. Earth is a Stage delivers peer-to-peer personal development coaching, integral coaching, and wellness coaching services that aim to penetrate through the layers of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and education level to reach the core “PLAYER” of each individual.

Unlock new scripts, new stages, new games.


I offer 1-on-1 personal development coaching and consulting services in the fields of mental health, wellness, and spirituality. This is The Game of Life. Do you know how to play it? Learn more here

The Creator C

Professional Human, Natural Woman


Creative Director

Cadeatra “The Creator C” Harvey is an American Creator, Educator, and Product Designer. For the past 10+ years she has...actually, speaking about myself in the third person feels narcissistic. Let's try it this way! Greetings, my stage name is The Creator C. I am a professional human and occasional entrepreneur. I am a buddha with an Attitude. My education background is in Engineering and Technology. As an entrepreneur, I created a few cool businesses and projects in the Innovation, Philanthropy, and the Arts & Culture industries. Early 2018 my paradigm shifted and I was called to create products in the Education and Coaching fields. So now I'm here!

Cool things that I’ve created


  • 2021-2022 Coaching For Everyone Fellow
  • 2018 Red Bull Intern, Global Consumer Products (HQ Salzburg, Austria)
  • 2018 Starting Bloc Institute Fellow
  • 2017-2019 Red Bull Social Entrepreneurship Fellow
  • 2017 Social Innovator of the Year (Warnock Foundation/Light City)
  • 2016 Warnock Foundation Social Innovation Fellow
  • 2016 Salzburg Global Forum, Cultural Innovator Fellow (Salzburg, Austria)

Contact Me.

    Cadeatra Harvey is an iPEC CORE Energy Coach, New Ventures West Integral Coaching, and ICF PCC candidate.